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Kamolluck is a special gem! If you are looking for acupuncture, cupping or any other eastern chinese medicinal healing look no further! Kamolluck is very nurturing in nature and will take the time to address your health and healing concerns. Before Kamolluck, I have never had a doctor take the time to email me and check in on me after appointments to see how I am doing and offer nutritional advice, she clearly cares about the well being of her clients.

Dr Kamolluck is the best doctor.
She helps with any problem that life puts in front of you, from nutrition to healing and motivation and advising your goals in life. She has a very healthy and warm family. If you want to heal any emotional or physical problem, Dr Kamolluck can do it. Only Trust her and just believe. So happy to meet her.
You do what you love and do it with all your heart, lives will be changed.

Kamolluk is a positive and gentle healer. She makes me feel welcome with open arms and a warm heart every time  I see her, she is also very knowledgeable in many aspects of health and nutrition,a great experience!!

Kamolluck Trateng is an amazing healer! She offers everything you need from acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, Gua Sha, nutritional advice, supplements, and even life coaching. I’d never had acupuncture or tried herbal remedies before but since I started, I have a new-found sense of balance. I feel more peaceful, healthy and happy. In addition, Kamolluck has given me so much nutritional advice that have been making all the difference. On every occasion, she has gone the extra mile to give me resources and show me things to do to help with my problems. With the early results that I am experiencing, I wish I had found Positive Tone Acupuncture sooner. I can’t stress enough how amazing Kamolluck and her treatment is. If anyone is interested Traditional Chinese Medicine, I highly recommend Positive Tone Acupuncture!

Kamolluck Trateng is a healer! She numerous modalities you need from acupuncture, Chinese herbs (Organic/locally grown), cupping, Gua Sha, nutritional advice, organic supplements to name a few. What’s amazing is that at my young age of 59 I have always maintained a healthy, athletic lifestyle but by adding the services offered by Positive Tone Acupuncture my energy, stamina and athleticism have dramatically improved. I can’t stress enough how amazing Kamolluck and her treatments have helped me. I highly recommend anyone that is interested in experiencing a healthy, active and vibrant lifestyle check out Positive Tone Acupuncture!

William W.

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