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“Kamolluck Trateng is an amazing healer! She offers everything you need from acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, Gua Sha, nutritional advice, supplements, and even life coaching. I’d never had acupuncture or tried herbal remedies before but since I started, I have a new-found sense of balance. I feel more peaceful, healthy and happy. In addition, Kamolluck has given me so much nutritional advice that have been making all the difference. On every occasion, she has gone the extra mile to give me resources and show me things to do to help with my problems. With the early results that I am experiencing, I wish I had found Positive Tone Acupuncture sooner. I can’t stress enough how amazing Kamolluck and her treatment is. If anyone is interested Traditional Chinese Medicine, I highly recommend Positive Tone Acupuncture!” –Paula M.